Construction of the differential surface admittance operator with an extended Fokas method for electromagnetic scattering at polygonal objects with arbitrary material parameters

This article presents a novel method to accurately simulate electromagnetic scattering at homogeneous polygonal cylinders with arbitrary material properties. A single source equivalence approach is invoked, allowing to substitute the background medium for the inner material of the scatterer, provided an equivalent surface current density is introduced. We construct the pertinent differential surface admittance operator […]

Interconnect Modeling using a Surface Admittance Operator Derived with the Fokas Method

In this contribution, we propose a novel approach to rigorously model interconnect structures with an arbitrary convex polygonal cross-section and general, piecewise homogeneous, material parameters. A full-wave boundary integral equation formulation is combined with a differential surface admittance approach, invoking an extended form of the numerically fast Fokas method to construct the pertinent operator. Several […]

A 2-D differential surface admittance operator for combined magnetic and dielectric contrast

In this paper, we present a novel technique to accurately model scattering phenomena at two-dimensional circular and rectangular structures consisting of arbitrary homogeneous materials, including magnetic media in particular. The proposed formalism utilizes a differential surface admittance operator, which invokes a single source equivalence theorem to replace the inside material by its surrounding medium, while […]