Valley filtering in 8-Pmmn borophene based on an electrostatic waveguide constriction

Materials with tilted Dirac cones, such as 8-Pmmn borophene, are being explored for valleytronic applications as the tilting direction is different for nonequivalent valleys. In this paper, a valley-filtering device based on electrostatic waveguides is proposed. First, these waveguides are examined from a theoretical point of view. An inner product is defined starting from the […]

Differential Interconnects with Integrated Equalization and Common-Mode Filtering for Broadband Signal Integrity Enhancement in High-Speed PAM-4 Signaling

In high-speed differential interconnects on printed circuit boards, signal integrity (SI) issues arise when neglecting the inherent low-pass characteristic and ubiquitous presence of common-mode noise. This work proposes a novel open-circuited stub equalizer with integrated common-mode filter in order to compensate for the low-pass characteristic while simultaneously suppressing the transmission of unwanted common-mode noise to […]