As any academic research lab, we publish our work in high-impact journals and as conference contributions. This way, we aim to disseminate research and findings to a broad audience, trigger interaction and collaboration, and advance science and technology.

A complete overview of all our publications can be found via the database of Ghent University. Our most recent work is presented below.

Recent publications

Power-efficient Near-field Focusing for Upcoming 6G MIMO Networks

An accurate and efficient near-field intensity shaping method is proposed, capable of reproducing sharp patterns while simplifying the design requirements of the array’s feeding network. The shaping problem is tackled by an efficient far-to-near-field transform, based on a spherical Fourier

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Efficient Characterization of Interconnects with Arbitrary Polygonal Cross-sections using Fokas-derived Dirichlet-to-Neumann Operators

A novel technique to accurately characterize interconnects with general, piecewise homogeneous material parameters and arbitrary polygonal cross-sections is presented. To compute the per-unit-of-length complex inductance and capacitance matrices of the considered structures, we apply a boundary integral equation framework, invoking

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