About us

quest is an academic research lab, embedded within the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University. As a part of the large research group IDLab (Internet Technology and Data Science Lab), we also operate under the imec banner.

Members of quest typically have a PhD or Master of Science degree in Engineering or Physics. We perform academic research, which gets published as scientific papers and leads to PhD degrees for our junior members. So far, 18 researchers successfully completed the PhD program (see below).

Besides fundamental research, we also perform application-driven research. Therefore, we a have strong collaboration with industry. Industrial research projects trigger new ideas and facilitate knowledge and technology exchange between academia and industry.


Dries Vande Ginste

Full Professor

Martijn Huynen

Postdoctoral researcher

Jul Van den Broeck

PhD researcher

Maxim Torreele

PhD researcher

Tim Pattyn

PhD researcher

Nathan De Sutter

PhD researcher

Arno Moerman

PhD researcher

Our partners

Let's collaborate!

quest collaborates with many academic and industrial partners, both on fundamental and application-oriented research. These partnerships are essential, as they lead to new research ideas, scientific breakthroughs, and validated modelling tools and design strategies.

Recently, a consortium with universities and industry was set up to increase knowledge and critical mass on EMC/SI/PI-aware modelling and design in Europe. More info can be found here.

If you are interesting in collaborating with us under the form of a research project or if you are in need for consultancy in our area of expertise, do not hesitate to contact us.