Analysis and Application of a Surface Admittance Operator for Combined Magnetic and Dielectric Contrast in Emerging Interconnect Topologies

This article presents a novel method to accurately simulate electromagnetic scattering at homogeneous polygonal cylinders with arbitrary material properties. A single source equivalence approach is invoked, allowing to substitute the background medium for the inner material of the scatterer, provided an equivalent surface current density is introduced. We construct the pertinent differential surface admittance operator by means of the Fokas method, establishing a map between the known Dirichlet boundary values and their unknown Neumann counterparts. However, to allow for lossy materials, we extend the Fokas method to complex wavenumbers. The novel formalism, employing pulse-shaped local basis functions, natively supports combined magnetic and dielectric contrast, accurately captures the skin effect, and is conveniently integrated in traditional boundary integral equation formulations. The correctness and versatility of our technique are verified for various examples by means of analytical validation and through comparison with a Poggio-Miller-Chan-Harrington-Wu-Tsai approach, a volume integral equation method and a commercial solver.


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