Spherical Fourier-Transform-Based Real-Time Near-Field Shaping and Focusing in Beyond-5G Networks

For ultra-reliable high-data-rate communication, the beyond fifth generation (B5G) and the sixth generation (6G) wireless networks will heavily rely on beamforming, with mobile users often located in the radiative near-field of large antenna systems. Therefore, a novel approach to shape both the amplitude and phase of the electric near-field of any general antenna array topology […]

An efficient algorithm to determine the operational range of near-field on-body UHF RFID systems

A new algorithm is proposed, leveraging a 3D multipole expansions of the electromagnetic fields, to accurately determine the operational range of a radiative near-field on-body radio-frequency identification (RFID) system based on its far field radiation patterns, simulated or measured, under realistic deployment conditions. We illustrate the advocated method by an interrogating 866 MHz standard gain […]

Efficient modeling of on-body passive UHF RFID systems in the radiative near-field

A novel method is presented to accurately determine the operational range of an on-body, passive ultra-high-frequency (UHF) radio-frequency identification (RFID) system operating in the radiative near-field, based on its far-field radiation patterns. To this end, an efficient algorithm based on 3-D multipole expansion of the electromagnetic fields is formulated. By combining the new operator with […]