Mechanical &
Modelling Lab


Welcome to quest !

quest is an academic research lab at the prestigious Ghent University and the world-renowned R&D centre imec. Together with our academic and industrial partners, our mission is to advance science in the domain of quantum mechanical and electromagnetic modelling, simulation and design of (nano)electronic devices and systems. We also strongly believe and invest in the education and training of young engineers and scientists in this exciting field of research.

Welcome to our website. We hope you will enjoy your visit. Have a look around and do not hesitate to contact us!

Our research topics

QM(*) and hybrid QM/EM(**) modelling of nanodevices

EM modelling of interconnects, packages, and devices

EM modelling for scattering and antenna systems

Electromagnetic Combatibility, Signal and Power Integrity

Uncertainty quantification of (nano)devices and systems

Optimization and design of (nano)devices and systems

(*) QM: quantum mechanical / (**) EM: electromagnetic


These are our most recent publications. For a complete overview, please click on the link below.